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DANAK - The Danish Accreditation Fund


DANAK is a business fund, appointed by The Danish Safety Technology Authority as the national accreditation body in Denmark. DANAK is an abbreviation of the Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund. As the national accreditation body DANAK stands for accreditation in the technical field.

What is Accreditation?

By accreditation DANAK reviews the competence of a laboratory, a certification body or an inspection body.

Applicants for accreditation will be judged in relation to an accreditation standard, which is internationally recognized. Herein are specified requirements which the accredited organization shall comply with.

A laboratory will be accredited to specific methods in the field of testing, calibration and medical examination and must have competence and proper equipment for these methods. A certification body or an inspection body shall have the competence and industry knowledge within the standards that it certifies businesses for or perform inspections after.

Who is accredited by DANAK?

Among key groups of customers are laboratories in the fields of environment, food, industry and hospitals. In addition, companies that certify, for example, quality management and environmental management, people and products as well as companies that inspect, for example, ventilation systems, elevators and pressure bottles.

Why Accreditation?

When a company needs to ensure the credibility of its products or its capabilities, it can get its products tested or inspected or become certified. By selecting accredited services the company ensures a high credibility of test and inspection reports and certificates.

Search a company

information om akkreditering

Search DANAKs database for an accredited company.

There are several search facilites for you.

Read DANAK-Nyt

nyheder om akkreditering

In the latest issue of the DANAK-Nyt you can read about an upcoming MLA for reference materials and performance testing, as well as DANAKs MLA-approval within CO2-verification. The magazine is in Danish.

Know your mark

nyheder om akkreditering

When a company becomes accredited, it can show off his new status with an accreditation mark. Read more here about DANAKs own mark and the international combo marks.

Accreditation in one view

nyheder om akkreditering

The system of accreditation can be a distinctive complex. You can through this graphical overview get a comprehensive overview of the entire system.


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