DANAK is happy to guide over the telephone or via email about which kind of complaints that can be reported to DANAK and how these complaint will be processed. DANAK strives to respond to complaints quickly possibly after being in dialog with the complainant.
DANAK divides complaints into these following three categories:
DANAK does not process anonymous complaints and complaints where the one which the complaint is directed towards cannot get information about who the complainant is or the content of the complaint. In cases such as these, DANAK can make a note about the condition and use the information as background material when arranging of a supervisory visit.
When receiving a written enquiry, which does not relate to DANAK’s area, DANAK will, as far as possible, forward the enquiry to the right authority or inform the complainant about the right authority. This could, for example, be the case if a complaint is about an administrative area for which DANAK accredits and if the complaint is about the legislation regarding the administrative area in question. The complainant will be informed of the forwarding.