The committee is appointed by the Board of DANAK with the aim of providing DANAK advice in matters of significance for accreditation to certification.

Among the topics on its agenda have been:

  • Conversion at certification bodies to new editions of the accreditation standards - for example the transition to DS/EN ISO 17021:IEC/2011 in January 2013. The conversion process can often be very time constrained and difficult, because the interpretation of the new requirements is difficult to communicate and implement.
  • Monitoring of accreditation in the form of the number of field visits (DANAKs visits to enterprises, that are certified by certification bodies).
  • New regulatory requirements relevant to the accreditation, including for example accreditation as the basis for notification as notified body under the construction products regulation, Byggevareforordningen.
  • New systems under the various accreditation standards, including ETV, CO2-verification, EMAS 3, GlobalG.A.P. as well as schemes for renewable energy plants, scrap, the interoperability directive, sustainable forest management, etc.

Contact: Hanne Kerl Poulsen, DANAK, tel: +45 77 33 95 40. E-mail: hkp@danak.dk

Birgitte Nejbjerg The Danish Working Environment Authority The Danish Working Environment Authority
Jeanne Borgqvist The Danish Working Environment Authority  The Danish Working Environment Authority
Anders Frost-Jensen DBI - The Danish Insitute of Fire and Security Technology Certification bodies
Q-kontrol Certification bodies
Helle Tofting   Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark A/S Certification bodies
Jens Bruun Kiwa Inspecta A/S Certification bodies
Jesper Schultz DNV GL Business Assurance Denmark A/S Certification bodies
Jørgen Baadsgaard-Jensen Dancert A/S Certification bodies
Jan Søe Dybdahl Intertek Certification bodies
Niels Ovesen FORCE Certification A/S Certification bodies
John Stecher Christensen Weldadvice I/S Certification bodies
Klaus Ising Hansen Byggeriets Kvalitetskontrol Certification bodies
Mette Peetz-Schou DI The Danish Confederation of Industries DI The Danish Confederation of Industries
Lars Bo Hammer Brüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration Measurement DI The Danish Confederation of Industries
Jamil Dawood Danish Working Environment Authority Danish Working Environment Authority
Tine Aabye Insurance & Pension Denmark (IPD) Insurance & Pension Denmark (IPD)
Not yet appointed Danish Veterinary and Food Administration Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Kirsten Grahn Nielsen Danish Environmental Protection Authority Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Karen Rud Michaelsen Danish Safety Technology Authority Danish Safety Technology Authority

Emil Engel Magnussen

Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority
Director Jesper Høy DAAAK DANAK
Head of Section Karsten Tølløse DANAK DANAK

Lead Assessor Hanne Kerl Poulsen


Name Work place Representing

Read the committee’s terms of reference here (Danish pdf)